03.10.21 | Addressing Conflict in Love

In Acts 24, from today’s BREAD reading, Paul is accused of being a trouble-maker by the High Priest (Ananias), the elders, and an attorney. As they present their case before Felix, the governor of the region, Paul is given the opportunity to defend himself.

With this in mind today, we will focus our time on identifying accusations or narratives that make us feel defensive, or need to be brought to the light for us to learn the truth. Reflect on this and write down any narratives that come to mind.

As you ask the Lord what He wants you to know about these accusations or potentially false narratives, ask yourself: What is God sharing with me that is true? Look to Paul’s truthful defense and attitude, which was partnered with love and a clear conscience, as an example (Acts 24:14-16).

For the remainder of the day, take these reflections and submit them in prayer under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Ask Him what He has for you, and how He may be inviting you to interact with those you feel falsely accused by. Are you being invited to share your heart with the brother or sister involved in conflict? If so, sit together with them in community, a safe space, to experience the truth together.

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