03.17.21 | A Product of the Gospel

In today’s BREAD reading from 1 Thessalonians 1, we read about Paul and his heart of gratitude for the brothers and sisters in Thessalonica. He acknowledges their work in that region and how it was a product of their faith, “prompted by love,” and how their endurance is inspired by the hope they have in the Lord Jesus Christ (verse 3).

He goes on to say that the Lord’s choosing them was obvious. The words spoken to them about the message of the Gospel weren’t meaningless chatter; but were words empowered and spoken by the Holy Spirit, bringing conviction and great joy, even in the midst of severe suffering.

With this in mind, during today’s fasting and prayer focus, reflect on what the message of the Gospel is producing in your life today. How is the Holy Spirit bringing clarity and conviction to you about the truth of the Gospel? How is the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit bringing joy to you, even in the midst of the suffering you (or others) may be going through? Take some time to write these down as they are brought to mind.

For the last part of our day, take these things and submit them in prayer under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Ask the Lord what he wants to show you about the transforming power of his Holy Spirit. How are you allowing the Gospel to produce joy in your life in your present circumstances?

As you consider what the Lord is showing you, be willing to share your heart and what you are learning with another brother or sister. Perhaps the Lord will open up creative ways that you can show how to “model” a Spirit-empowered lifestyle, full of joyous conviction and faith, just as these believers in Thessalonica.

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