03.23.22 | Ceasing Wandering

During today’s time of fasting and prayer, we will be using our FAST movement to guide us through Psalm 23:3, focusing on ceasing wandering.

He refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths
for his name sake.

As you go through the movements of FAST, be mindful of the connections between Psalm 23:3 and the places of wandering in your own life.

First, Focus: Find a quiet place to settle your mind and open yourself to the Holy Spirit’s presence.

Second, Adoration: Spend time honoring and exalting God, tell him what you appreciate about him. Contemplate on who he is and what he has done.

Third, Speak: Commune with God, taking moments to both speak to him about what’s on your heart and to pause and listen for his voice. Use journals to write down what you hear. In an effort to truly understand what Jesus wants to communicate to you, ask questions like:

Listen and note any words or impressions.

Fourth, Transform: Commit to taking active steps to change or address what the Lord revealed during your time of fasting. In response to what came up as you spoke with and listened to God, think of a specific transformative action about ceasing wandering.

Here are some suggestions, but feel free to create your own based on your time with God:

  1. Practice James 5:16: Confess your sins to someone this week, and open yourself to God’s healing and grace.
  2. Choose the most common distraction in your life, and give it up for one week – whether social media, TV, online videos, alcohol, or something else.
  3. Pray through Psalm 23 daily. Recite the psalm slowly twice-through, and allow the words to focus your attention on the Good Shepherd.
  4. Design your own practice. Make it practical, prayerful, and helpful for ceasing wandering.

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