03.31.21 | Maturity

In today’s BREAD reading from 1 Corinthians 3, Paul is addressing some of the relational problems that are coming up between the brothers and sisters of the church in Corinth. He points out that their jealousy and quarreling is rooted in a lack of spiritual maturity and a human, worldly mindset.

Paul shares that comparing one leader to another and choosing sides; telling each other, “I follow Paul,” or, “I follow Apollos,” is a human, worldly way of thinking (verse 4). This is immature, and it limits their ability to receive deeper truths. It is the difference between milk and meat (verse 2).

Paul then declares that all men are servants to the Lord. He is the one who assigns each of them their task. One may do the planting of a seed and another the watering, but it is God that produces the growth. The one who plants and the one who waters have the same purpose. They are both co-laborers in God’s field (verses 6-9).

Paul brings this perspective and correction to help them understand that there is a bigger, more mature way of looking at their church family. Instead of personalities being front and center, Jesus is the real foundation; the true foundation to be wisely built upon.

During today’s fasting and prayer focus, take time to reflect on where comparisons may be a part of your mindset. Ask the Lord, “ Where am I comparing myself to others? Where am I prone to compare one leader to another?”

Then, allow the Lord to show you where foundations other than Jesus Christ may be building up in your life. Take some time here with the Lord and repent. Ask His forgiveness for the places you have trusted in false foundations.

As you consider what the Lord is showing you, would you be willing to share your heart with a brother or sister in your community? Consider vulnerably sharing where you may have been comparing others, or building on the wrong foundation. How can you encourage one another towards a more mature mindset, where Jesus is the foundation you are building upon?

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