Various articles on topics ranging from discipleship and formation to current initiatives and community updates.

Youth Boating Trip Recap

Since January, we’ve been sharing a lot about the Youth Ministry in our church. Perhaps you’ve heard us share about...

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How to Practice Sabbath

As a church community in San Francisco, one of the ways we want to form people in their discipleship to...

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2019 Midyear Financial Overview

We trust that the needs of our church will be met through the generosity of its members. And again, church,...

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The Village Renovation

At Annual Vision & Prayer in January, we shared about coming out of a season of building as a church...

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Roommates & Housing Resources

In San Francisco, it can be challenging to find affordable housing and dependable roommates whom you can share life with...

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The Village Teaching Resources | March 2020

Grow at Home is a supplement to what your children are learning each week in The Village.

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