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Strangely Dim

In this series, as the old hymn goes, we “turn our eyes upon Jesus” and “look full in His wonderful face.” And in doing so, we hope to become less overwhelmed by all the brokenness around us and more energized to carry out Christ’s work of renewal in the world.

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Dinner at Simon’s
Dale Gustafson
Dale Gustafson teaches from Luke 7:36-50 on the nature of grace and forgiveness as seen in the story of Jesus, the Pharisee Simon, and the unnamed sinful woman. Dale Gustafson is the Executive Director of Reality SF.
Finding Peace in the Storm
Kevin Cooke
Kevin Cooke teaches from Mark 4:35-41 on what we can learn from Jesus in the storms of life and what He is inviting us into during these times. Kevin Cooke is the Marriage & Family Pastor and an elder at Reality SF.
Jesus Sees Zacchaeus
Melissa Weinisch
Melissa Weinisch teaches from Luke 19:1-10 on what happens when we turn our eyes upon Jesus — and more importantly, what happens when He turns His eyes upon us. Melissa Weinisch is the Youth Minister at Reality SF.