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The Work of God

A series in the book of Esther.

Title& Teacher
A Story of Poetic Justice
Dave Dealy
Dave Dealy concludes our series in the Book of Esther by speaking on God's remarkable deliverance of the Jews and how it relates to the ways Jesus has delivered us and called us to live.
A Story of Pride
Dave Dealy
Dave Dealy speaks on the issue of pride and the motivations and desires that lie at the heart of it in Esther 6.
A Story of Providence
Josh Waidley
Josh Waidley speaks on the magnitude of Esther's decision to use her power and influence to defend the weak and oppressed in Esther 4. Josh posed these four reflection questions near the end of the sermon: 1. Am I conscious of the ways my decisions affect others? 2. What would it look like to make decisions in the full embrace of my identity as a beloved child of God? 3. What opportunities do I have, especially if I am in a position of power, privilege, or influence, to make decisions that use that power to empower others — even if it is at my own expense? 4. What is at stake for others if I do not?
A Work in People
Dave Dealy
Dave Dealy speaks on how God works in and with Esther and turns her into something great in His story as part of a new series in Esther called, "The Work of God." The Bible Project video shown during this sermon is accessible here.