Holy Week Family Devotions

by Brian Kim, Parent & Family Support Coordinator

Holy Week is upon us! With all the changes and focus on Coronavirus, school closures and surviving shelter-in-place, Easter has come fast. We wanted to give you a set of easy devotions you can do with your children through this week, leading up to Easter Sunday. For this week, we wanted to keep the focus on what we learned this past Sunday: Songs in Shelter. So, we’ve included a suggested song to accompany each devotion that you can find on this Spotify playlist we created. We also included a few other songs that have been really ministering to us in this season. We encourage you to stay put (as if you had a choice) and start singing as a family!

These devotions and the accompanying prompts are just suggestions. Feel free to lead your children as you know best. Maybe use the Jesus Storybook Bible or similar children’s Bible if you have younger children. We encourage you to get creative, allow for wonder and curiosity and enjoy your time together!

Tuesday April 7th – Mark 14:1-9

As you read this passage, you can have children draw something very expensive. When the reading is finished, have your children share what they have drawn and maybe even estimate a price.

Ask some questions to your children: In this story, what was the expensive thing that the woman had? What did she do with it? What did some people think about this? What did Jesus say about it?

You can continue: Why did the woman do this? It was her act of worship. Who knows what worship means? It is a way of saying thank you God and remembering that He is powerful, loving and good. Did you know that God has given you an expensive item to worship Him with? It is your body! You are priceless and He has given you the ability to worship Him by singing, dancing, bowing, drawing and many other ways. Let’s put on some music and worship Him now. Song suggestion: Build My Life

Wednesday, April 8th – John 13:1-17

For this one, it would be fun to have bread and juice ready for serving, just like you were having a supper with Jesus. If your children are younger, you can have it kept aside until you are ready to eat.

You can start by having your children draw a king while you read the passage.

After reading, let your children share their drawings and what in particular stands out as what a king should be like? Turn back to the Bible passage and ask your children: Why are the disciples surprised that Jesus was washing their feet? Yes, it was a job for a servant, and Jesus was supposed to be a king, wasn’t He? How is Jesus a different kind of king? Right, He chooses to serve people and love them in ways that might be surprising.

After washing the disciples’ feet, Jesus then has supper with them and He does something special. Read from Mark 14:22-26 and serve one another the bread and juice. Just as Jesus served His disciples, let’s think of ways we can serve others in love as we sing another song of worship, just like the disciples did. Song suggestion: Surrounded (How I Fight My Battles)

After singing, try to find ways to each serve someone this week, even if it’s just by giving hugs, sharing a piece of artwork or sending an email.

Thursday, April 9th – Mark 14:32-41

For this one, an idea is to create a canopy by meeting under a big blanket to simulate the darkness in the garden. As you read, have children draw a good thing that they sometimes find really difficult to do.

After reading, ask them to share their drawings and what it is they find difficult. In this part of the Bible, Jesus is also struggling with something that He is supposed to do but having a hard time. Do you know what He is asking God to take away from Him? Right, that He is supposed to die on a cross soon. It is a good thing, Jesus know that, but why do you think He is asking God to take it away from Him? What do you think Jesus is feeling? What do you think Jesus needs right now to help Him make the choice to do something really good?

Let’s ask Jesus to help each of us do good things, even when it’s hard as we sing this song. Suggested song: Take Courage

Friday, April 10th – Mark 15:22-38

Read through the crucifixion and death of Jesus. This story could be difficult for some children to understand, as the pain and suffering that Jesus experienced was real and not pleasant. Help children understand that sometimes love means going through difficult things for others, it means sacrifice. Older children may be able to recall a time where they had to sacrifice for another person or received that kind of love from someone.

God’s kingdom is sometimes referred to as an upside-down kingdom. Why do you think that is? Right, because God sometimes does things that are the opposite of what humans would choose. Jesus dying is one of those times. The King of Heaven came to earth and with all the power He had to do miracles. Wait, who can remember a miracle that Jesus did? Even with all that power, Jesus chose to suffer on a cross and die in order to forgive our sins, defeat death and bring new life.

As we sing now, let’s think about the new things that God might be trying to do even in this time of change that we are in. Song suggestions: New Wine.

Saturday, April 11

We are not including a devotional for this day, but we encourage you to sing together, our song suggestion is It Is Well.

We hope these are helpful and contribute to your family’s week leading up to Easter. May God meet each of you richly and deeply as you make space for Him to encounter you and your children.