A People Empowered: The Church as a Common Devotion (02.24.20)

Facilitator’s Notes:

Opening Prayer & Remembrance

Open up your time by reading Psalm 63:1-8.

Spend 5-10 minutes as a group briefly remembering and celebrating the ways you noticed the active presence of the Holy Spirit in your lives in the last week. How did the Spirit show up in your life? 


Read Acts 2:42-47 and reflect on this Sunday’s teaching.

This passage documents the culture of the early church. We see the impact of their devotion to learning, corporate community (koinonia), breaking bread, and prayer in their personal lives as well as in their broader community.

Discuss as a group your experiences in Christian community. You can use these questions as a starting point:

As individuals, take 5-10 minutes to prayerfully reflect on your commitments to church community using the below questions. Write custom commitments for yourself. Define what is truly doable for you.

  1. Keep Learning: How will you practically commit to continue learning and growing in your discipleship to Jesus?
  2. Show Up for Others: What will intentionally “showing up” look like in your CG, church, and neighborhood — for example, practicing generosity and serving “any who had need”? 
  3. Pray: What will corporate and personal prayer look like for you? 
  4. Say Yes to the Spirit: What faithful (even risky) actions will you take to be open and say yes to the Spirit? 

Share your commitments with a partner or the whole group. After sharing, take time as a group to give these commitments to Jesus and invite the Spirit to work through your community.

Closing Intercession (20 minutes)


Break into partners and commit to pray and follow up on the work of the Spirit in one another’s communities.