God & Sex: Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With? (08.26.19)

Opening Silence

Open in prayer and then sit in 3 minutes of silence to shift focus toward this time of seeking God and practicing the way of Jesus.

Hearing & Responding to Scripture

Slowly read through this week’s core sermon scripture: Matthew 5:27-28.

Prayerfully reflect with these questions for 5-10 minutes, and discuss with a partner or group:

Respond to the Sermon

Reflect on this Sunday’s sermon from Sam Alberry, especially these three aspects of Christian sexual ethics:

  1. Consent – Humans are free and should not be coerced into sex
  2. Mutuality – Humans are meant to give oneself fully to one partner exclusively within the safety of a marriage commitment
  3. Spirituality – Humans get to be connected to God and his purpose in sex as in the rest of life, and the greatest fulfillment comes from unity with Jesus, the bridegroom of the church

Discuss as a group or split into smaller groups for more room for vulnerability:

Intercessory Prayer

Intercede in prayer for one another, for those you know who need prayer, and for God’s will to be done in our city.