Serving as a Marriage Mentor Couple

Marriage Mentors play an integral role in the life of relationships in our church. They are a source of encouragement and support. They can also be a reflection of God’s deep love and grace for His church. We believe that God has done amazing things in your life both in the highs and lows and that He will use all of it as a way to work in the lives of couples in our church.

What Is a Marriage Mentor?

A marriage mentor is someone who is:

There is nothing that will speak louder than your own experience as you share how God has shown up in your relationship and what you’ve seen God do in your marriage. Our hope is to cultivate hearts where we recognize our need for Jesus and see that our success in marriage is rooted in sacrifice, serving, grace, and forgiveness — all of which  He calls us to in Christian marriage. 

Where and How Do Marriage Mentors Serve?

As marriage mentors, your primary role is to support, encourage, and care for the couples whom you are in relationship, with regardless of the context. Marriage Mentors can:

Who Can Serve as a Marriage Mentor?

To serve as Marriage Mentors, couples must have been married a minimum of five years. 

What If We’ve Been Married Less Than Five Years, But Still Want to Get Involved? 

There are other ways to lead and participate in the Marriage Ministry, regardless of how long you’ve been married. If that’s you, please email us at We’d love to share more.

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