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In this time, we desire to highlight real stories from voices of all kinds in our church and city. The human experience is wondrously complex – filled with struggle, joy, lament, celebration, and more – and we desire for each story we tell to be honest and authentic. Below, discover the categories of stories and how you can participate.

Categories of Stories

We’ve identified three categories of stories which we feel capture a broad range of experiences. They are: No Need Among Us, Lost & Found, and Seeking Renewal in Our City. Learn more about each below:

No Need Among Us

Stories about two people in our church who have reached out to one another in response to our “No Need Among Us” initiative. In these stories, we hope to capture the experiences of both people, including the person who reached out as well as the person who was reached out to.

Perhaps God did something miraculous or profound through the connection, or maybe the two people simply learned something new about the beauty of Christian community.

Lost & Found

Stories of individuals or groups in our church or city who have lost something in this season. And as a result, they have found something new.

Examples of things lost might be health, employment, resources, human connection, a sense of identity, or freedom.

Examples of things found might be something new God is teaching them or doing in them, a new level of depth of relationship in community, a new awareness of a need or weakness, or a new awareness of an injustice they are experiencing that needs to be addressed.

Seeking Renewal in Our City

Stories from one of our supported missionaries, a representative from one of our Renewal Partners, or a volunteer from our Response Team.

Fill Out the Share Your Story Form

If you have a story in one of these categories that you’d like to share with our church, please complete the intake form below. In the form, you will give permission for each place online where we may share your story. If needed, we will follow up with you for a formal interview.

(You may also share the story of someone who has already given you permission to share their story.)

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