Jason & Justine Martinez, YWAM San Francisco

Jason & Justine have been missionaries with YWAM San Francisco since 2006.

Jason is the Director of Operations at YWAM San Francisco, overseeing finances, facilities, and office management of the YWAM’s Tenderloin Center. He is also on the leadership council for the ministry.

Justine is the HR Director at Because Justice Matters (an extension ministry of YWAM SF), supporting all of the BJM staff through systems as well as pastoral care. She is also on BJM’s executive team. We asked the two of them some questions about their ministry, and here’s how they responded:

What do you love about this work?
“We love the lens that we’ve been given as missionaries in San Francisco — the way it helps us dig deeply into loving the city in tangible ways. Loving a city brings pain and sacrifice as well as joy and delight. Grieving losses, celebrating miracles, and holding on to the hope and vision of God’s plans for San Francisco has been a process that has enriched our personal faith journeys in more ways than we can count!”

Describe something God has shown you during your time serving.
“God has shown us unending faithfulness in our financial needs as a family. Some seasons are paycheck to paycheck; in other seasons there has been more than enough to give back. Throughout, we have certainly witnessed His provision in thousands of ways both subtle and extravagant.”

What have been some of your most memorable experiences?
“All of our most memorable experiences as missionaries have had to do with listening to the amazing stories of others and witnessing God speaking directly into those stories. We are extremely honored to have been able to witness God speaking to beautiful humans in Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as on the streets of our own Tenderloin. It’s been a precious and transformative adventure for us as a family over the past 13 years.”

The Martinezes currently reside in the Sunset with their three kids. You can connect with them by emailing them. And if you’d like to financially support their ministry, visit ywamsanfrancisco.org/give, select your payment method, and denote “Jason & Justine Martinez” for the donation.

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Jason & Justine Martinez, YWAM San Francisco

Jason is the Director of Operations at YWAM San Francisco, and Justine is the HR Director at Because Justice Matters (an extension ministry of YWAM). They also both serve on their organizations' leadership teams.

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