Support for Ukraine

In response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Reality SF is partnering with several relief providers to offer financial and prayer support.

As a church, Reality has contributed financially towards an evacuation vehicle and operating expenses, a van to bring life-saving aid, and two tons of emergency supplies. Read below to learn more about other ways we are partnering with on-the-ground efforts, how you can support them, and specific requests for prayer.

Evacuation Efforts

Reality SF is partnering with House of Bread Church, who have volunteer-run evacuation networks on the ground in Ukraine. House of Bread partners with these volunteers to provide funding for their fleet of mini-buses and to cover day-to-day operational expenses.

If you would like to financially support these efforts, we encourage you to donate directly through House of Bread at the link below.


Currently, one of the most urgent needs in Ukraine is evacuating civilians from war-zone hotspots. As the war drags on, every person evacuated is a potential life saved. Despite the significant risks, Ukrainian volunteers are evacuating people to safety on a daily basis, all while navigating dangerous routes.

For evacuation updates and news, follow House of Bread’s efforts on Instagram. If you would like more information on House of Bread and how donations are utilized, you can visit their website.

Providing Aid Through Local Churches

Through Revival Baptist Church, Reality is connected to a network of local churches – including Polonne Church – in Ukraine to provide shelter, food, and critical aid to Ukrainians who have fled their homes and to those who are sheltering in nearby conflict zones.

To support these local churches, donate directly through Revival Baptist Church at the link below.


More than 10 million people in Ukraine are currently displaced, many having fled their homes and towns to other areas of the country. Local churches have responded by providing shelter and life-saving aid. Several churches are working to build a bakery in one such shelter for refugees to volunteer to bake bread. Once built, these loaves will be delivered to people in bomb shelters and basements where food and other basic necessities are unavailable.

To see how these churches are supporting their communities across Ukraine, we encourage you to watch this video.

Support for Refugees in Romania

YWAM ELS Cluj is supporting Ukrainian refugees in Romania by providing places to stay, prepared meals, groceries, counseling, assistance with paperwork, and other practical needs. YWAM also transports food and supplies into Ukraine in response to the ongoing crisis of supply shortages.

To support the efforts of YWAM in Romania, donate directly to them through the link below.


More Ways to Support

Send Emergency Supplies

Send emergency supplies directly to our partners through the Amazon list linked below.


Prayer for Our Brothers & Sisters

We continue to stand with and pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine as they are experiencing violence and destruction. Below is a list of current prayer requests from some of our partners.

Requests for Prayer:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Reality SF partnering with these particular efforts?

These partners have strong ties to our church community and have been vetted to ensure that donations are sent directly to critical relief efforts. Partners have local leadership and networks in Ukraine to ensure prompt and appropriate responses to an ever-changing crisis and meet the most urgent needs. 

Where is my donation going?

Donations go directly to relief efforts through these vetted partner organizations and local networks. 

Is my donation tax-deductible?

It depends – our partners are registered as either a 501(c)(3) or international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). House of Bread and Revival Baptist Church are both registered as 501(c)(3) organizations and 100% of their donations are tax-deductible. YWAM Romania is an international NGO and donations may not be tax deductible.