Serving in Reality SF Music

Thank you so much for your interest in auditioning to play on Sundays!

This page provides information regarding the current state of the Reality SF Music Ministry and how it pertains to your inquiry about getting involved. As you read further, ask yourself if you seem to fit the description of the kind of volunteer we are looking to add to our team.

At this time, our Music Ministry primarily serves by leading worship at our Sunday gatherings. Our ministry is organized into several fixed bands that are scheduled three months in advance — meaning most of our musicians end up playing with the same small core of musicians week-in and week-out. On average, our musicians are scheduled twice per month. Typically, we have separate bands scheduled for the two gatherings, meaning that when you are scheduled, you will most likely be playing for AM or PM.

The Sunday AM Team rehearses each week on the Thursday prior, from 7PM-9PM. (You are only asked to attend Thursday rehearsal if you are scheduled for the Sunday morning band that week.)

The Sunday PM Team rehearses Sunday afternoons, immediately preceding the evening gathering.

Reality SF Music is built around people with the following attributes:

  • Love for Jesus and His church
  • Devotion to this church body and involvement in the weekly life of Reality SF
  • Eagerness to serve with humility, generosity, and kindness
  • An awareness of the gentleness and care involved in leading a group of any size in musical worship
  • Musically-proficient/musically-confident
  • Able to improvise/contribute new ideas to non-traditional arrangements, and not merely replicate learned parts
  • Able to function confidently in a collaborative and spontaneous musical environment
  • Able to submit to the genre and suggestions proposed by the Worship Leader(s)
  • Able to commit with regularity to Sunday gathering times (1-2 times/month) and rehearsals for the duration of a six-month volunteer season (volunteer seasons are September-February and March-August).

If you feel that this list describes you, then we’d love to receive
an application from you.

Auditions typically take place before each volunteer season. Although, we are continually assessing the needs of our teams throughout each season, so we sometimes hold auditions in the middle of volunteer seasons as well. We ask for your patience in the follow-up to your application, as it may take us a few months to get you in for an audition, if that seems like an appropriate next step for you.

We look forward to hearing from you, reviewing your application, and considering if your skills may be a good fit within Reality SF Music at this time!

Tyler Madsen
Director of Music Ministry

“These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ.”

Colossians 2:17