2022 Year in Review

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In 2022, our church recognized a call to realign ourselves to God’s renewal of our church – renewing our desire for rootedness, our devotion to community, and our pursuit of the stuff of the Spirit. In this Year in Review, we share some of the ways we pursued renewal as a church, as well as the fruit that came about as a result by God’s grace.

Our Devotion to Community

Rebuilding Community at Reality

At the beginning of 2022, we recognized a strong need to provide spaces for our church to find connection and develop relationships. In response to this need, we created a variety of opportunities for people to find organic community and gather together, with the purpose of growing closer to Jesus. We launched Community Nights, hosted various socials, and began Welcome to Reality – which became a surprising place for fostering new community!

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Rebuilding Community Groups

Additionally, we began the process of reimagining and rebuilding our small group spaces. Part of this work involved training and equipping new committed leaders who were teachable, humble, and hungry to know more about God and to lead others along for the journey. We are so thankful for the 82 volunteers who chose to step into serving in this capacity, and are a part of the 34 new groups launching in 2023! We look forward to the way the Lord will work through these intentional communities, who are committed to growing closer to God and one another through practicing the way of Jesus together.

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“Community Nights this year created new and amazing points of connection across the church – whether you’ve been going for years or just started attending recently. I remember the youth-led Community Night, in particular. I was paired together with a group of 5-6 people I had just met and we were able to share our highs, lows, and prayer requests. It was such a simple exercise, but everyone opened up and interceded in prayer for one another in really powerful ways.”

– Nathania

Our Pursuit of the Stuff of the Spirit

Being a Praying Church

As part of our commitment to renewing our pursuit of the stuff of the Spirit, we recognized a growing desire to deepen our relationship to prayer. Our church began as prayer meetings, and we want that practice to remain a pillar of our spiritual growth.

In response to this, we launched Tuesday morning prayer meetings, which have grown to 15-25 people every week who pray for our church, city, and world. We also hosted four prayer and worship nights, and led a teaching series focused on prayer. Additionally, our Prayer Team has grown to 35 faithful volunteers who are available every Sunday and throughout the week for those who need spiritual encouragement and support.

Tuesday Morning Prayer

“Being on the Prayer Team has reminded me time and again that God is the One who empowers, equips, and reveals. While praying with people, I love seeing how God often meets them right where they are. It’s been a joy to see Him work in the lives of our congregation! I also really enjoy the warmth and love of the Prayer Team. Serving with them has deepened my sense of community at Reality.”

– Christine

Our Desire for Rootedness

Building Relationships in our Neighborhood

With a call towards rootedness, we recognized the need to pour into the place where God has placed us. In 2022, we were blessed to see significant growth and fruit within our Justice & Outreach Ministry.

Our Food Pantry doubled in the number of households we are able to serve every week, and now we see over 120 neighbors being provided with groceries every Thursday and Saturday morning. This has become a place not just for provision, but new relationships, friendships, and community are being built.

Additionally, we are thankful for the development of our Justice & Outreach Board. This is a team of four congregants whose vast experience in public service, non-profit, and finance, as well as a deep passion and commitment to our city, has specifically equipped them to serve our church well in this area.

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“It is a joy and a privilege to serve on the Justice & Outreach Board – to be able to use my professional skills and personal passions, to advocate for vulnerable populations, and advance God’s kingdom here in SF and beyond. Serving with the other board members, who deeply care about justice work, has been life-giving; I am always encouraged by their wisdom and insights. Our gatherings are the highlight of my Monday evenings!”

– Janise

Songs of Our Testimony

“Shelter EP”

This year, our Music Ministry saw deep spiritual and relational growth, as our team of over 30 committed to building unity. They saw increased connection, vulnerability, trust, and moving of the Spirit as they leaned into rootedness as a community. In November, we released our Shelter EP – our first in 10 years! – a labor of love written during the pandemic and released in a season of abounding provision. Shelter is a collection of six original songs and a testament to the sheltering work of God over our community through the highs and lows of this past season.

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“Reality and our Music Ministry have become a home for me in San Francisco—a place of deep rest, true joy, and belonging. Serving our church and worshiping together truly feels like a glimpse of heaven on earth. My heart overflows at the amount of love within our community for each other and for Jesus – I’m so grateful.”

– Ran

Firmly Planted

Marriage, Children, & Youth Ministries

Our Marriage and Family ministries all saw significant growth, both in attendance and capacity to expand opportunities for equipping, discipleship, and community.

Our Marriage Ministry saw relationships strengthened and new friendships cultivated. During the year, we hosted 21 couples for a marriage workshop, 16 couples attended our Premarital Course with the support of four mentor couples, and in April, 30 couples joined us for a night of dancing West Coast Swing!

Our Children’s Ministry was blessed with a growing number of children in each classroom. With that meant a need for new volunteers, and we are grateful for the 84 people who stepped into serving this past year! Additionally, we were able to expand our programming this year with our added partnerships at the Harvest Festival with Mobilize Love, Old Skool Cafe, and our Justice & Outreach Ministry. We also added opportunities for our kids to learn and grow during our Community Nights and through our first Vacation Bible School in June!

Our Youth Ministry has been equally blessed with a team of nine committed leaders, who are equipped to teach, lead, and plan events for our students! This year, our high schoolers enjoyed the return of School Nights, where they gather on Thursday for a time of fellowship and teaching. Our middle school group continued to grow both in number and depth of relationship as they met on Sunday mornings. And throughout the year, the entire Youth Ministry participated in a houseboating trip, an overnight lock-in, served with City Impact, hosted a Community Night, and so much more!

Serving with Reality Youth has been the best! Not only are our youth so fun, but it’s been encouraging to see the community God has built and how he’s at work in all of our lives. I love this crew!

– Sammy

The Year at a Glance

15 Members of our Community were Baptized

39 Children were Dedicated to the Lord

1,220 Attendees Worshiped with Us Every Sunday in Person & Online

30 Newcomers attended Welcome to Reality Each Month

2,250 People Joined Us for our Easter Services in Person & Online

306 New Volunteers Stepped into Serving

Sharing Our Resources

2022 Financial Overview

Despite the financial challenges of this past year, both in our city and world, we continue to be a church marked by radical generosity! We are honored and blessed by the sacrificial giving of our community and, in turn, are able to pour out into our neighborhood and city.

Through our 2022 Year-End Giving Campaign, we raised $644K, and were able to fully fund all of our initiatives: hyper-local neighborhood ministry, schools in our city, church planting efforts, and our mortgage debt pay down. 

Thank you church for showing your commitment to the mission and vision of Reality through your finances. By the Lord’s provision and through your faithful generosity we are enabled to lay the seedbed for new initiatives and extend our work and partnerships in our neighborhood and throughout the city. We look forward to the ways in which the Lord will continue to utilize this community to bring His kingdom here in San Francisco as it is in heaven.

2022 Giving: $6,120,059

Personnel Expenses: -$2,748,555
Facilities & Operating Expenses: -$969,245
Ministry Expenses: -$952,033
Justice & Outreach, Benevolence, & Church Planting: -$746,434

Personnel Expenses include, but are not limited to: wages, salaries, and payroll taxes for all staff and benefits.
Facilities & Operating Expenses include, but are not limited to: mortgage, building and property maintenance, utilities, insurance, office equipment, supplies, and more.
Ministry Expenses include, but are not limited to: Children’s, Youth, Premarital, Music, Courses, Community, Events, and more.
Justice & Outreach, Benevolence, & Church Planting: 14% of every dollar supports local and global justice work, provision for those in need, and church planting efforts. Any remaining funds at the end of the fiscal year are kept in a reserve for future Justice & Outreach, Benevolence, and church planting initiatives.

Reserves: +$687,327

*This surplus will be reserved for future ministry development including, but not limited to: Benevolence, Alpha, Church Planting residency, facility upgrades and remodeling, mortgage pay-down, and new ministry initiatives.

Mortgage Balance: $12,427,145

1st Mortgage Cass Bank: $9,514,593
2nd Mortgage Northgate: $2M
3rd Mortgage Sand Hill Foundation: $912,552

2023 Board-Approved Budget: $5.5M*

*pending Board of Trustee approval

Reality SF is a certified member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). ECFA certification is based on Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship, including financial accountability, transparency, sound board governance, and ethical fundraising. When an organization is certified by ECFA, it demonstrates its willingness to follow the model of biblical accountability. View our ECFA press release.

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To learn more about our ECFA certification, 2021 CPA-audited financial statements, and our approach to generosity and financial accountability, please visit our giving page.

If you have any other questions, please email give@realitysf.com.

Looking Forward

Rooted in Place

At our 2023 Annual Vision & Prayer, Dave Lomas shared a vision for being a church rooted in place. You can watch or listen to the presentation at the link below.

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