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Reality Remastered

In this series, we revisit past teaching series that we consider some of the most formative in our church.

Title& Teacher
Episode 53: Identity & Calling
Matt Barrios
Matt Barrios reflects on the relationship between knowing our identity in Christ and discovering our vocation and calling. Matt is the Leadership Training & Development Minister on staff at Reality SF.
Episode 52: Become Who You Are
Dave Lomas
Dave Lomas reflects on what the Scriptures say about who we are, and the process of discovering and becoming who we are.
Episode 51: Identity in Place
Dave Lomas
Dave Lomas continues our conversation on identity and answers some questions he received in response to Sunday's teaching. Our past series "A New Identity" is available at https://bit.ly/2ZCLrZG 
Dave Lomas
Dave Lomas teaches from Matthew 3:13-17 on our identity in Christ as God's beloved. This teaching is the second in a series called "Reality Remastered," where we're revisiting some of the most formative teachings series in our church. To explore our 2011 "A New Identity" teaching series, click the series artwork below.
Episode 50: Putting It Into Practice
Jessica Gracewski
Jessica Gracewski reflects on our focus of Biblical Literacy, meditating on Psalm 23 and putting into practice some tools introduced this past week. Jessica is the Leadership Care & Support Director at Reality SF.
Episode 49: Stay in the Story
Dave Lomas
Dave Lomas reflects on the the 4-Part Gospel, and the importance of remaining in the story by reading the Bible regularly and living out our role in it.
Episode 48: The Bible with Tim Mackie
Dave Lomas & Tim Mackie
Dave Lomas has a conversation discussing all things Bible with Tim Mackie. Tim is the Co-Founder, Creative Director, & Writer for BibleProject, has a PhD in Semitic Languages and Biblical Studies, and is a professor at Western Seminary.
Episode 47: Why Is the Bible Hard to Understand?
Dave Lomas
Dave Lomas reflects on why the Bible is so hard to understand, and offers three practical postures to take when reading it.
Episode 46: Remembering the Year of Biblical Literacy
Dave Lomas
Dave Lomas reflects on the connection between participating in the reality of God and learning about Him through the Scriptures. The teaching series "The Bible & Authority" is available at https://bit.ly/2WLDVdn
Biblical Literacy
Dale Gustafson
Dale Gustafson teaches from Psalm 1 on the importance of rightly interpreting and understanding Scripture so that we may hear it clearly during chaotic, uncertain times. This teaching is the first in a series called "Reality Remastered," where we're revisiting some of the most formative teachings series in our church. To explore all of the 2016 Year of Biblical Literacy resources, click the link below the teachings playlist on this page. Dale Gustafson is the Executive Director of Reality SF.

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The Year of Biblical Literacy