Fall Service Projects Recap

This past fall, our Outreach Team served alongside some incredible organizations and Renewal Partners in our city.

In addition to the work we shared about in our Summer Service Projects Recap, we want to take a moment to highlight the ways our Outreach Team was able to help meet essential needs of people in our city, as well as provide extra support during the holiday season. Here are some details on the impact our volunteers and church made this past fall! 

City Hope Community Breakfast

Since June, we have fully staffed City Hope’s Community Breakfast by preparing hot takeout meals for our neighbors in the Tenderloin. 

Timeline:June 13th – Present
Frequency:Once a Month (on Saturdays)
Impact:1200+ meals served

YWAM Showers

YWAM is one of the only organizations continuing to offer showers to the unhoused community during this crucial time. We are helping them clean showers between use.

Timeline:September 13th – Present
Frequency:Twice a Week on Mondays & Fridays
Impact:Approximately 40 showers cleaned per week

Mobilize Love Pre-Thanksgiving Outreach

We helped Mobilize Love assemble and distribute meals, as well as clothing donations for their Thanksgiving Outreach in the Bayview. 

Timeline:November 18th
Frequency:One Tine
Impact:150 hot meals, 40 items of clothing, 60 pairs of shoes, & 50 hygiene kits were distributed

SF City Impact Thanksgiving Day Outreach

We helped prepare food for people experiencing homelessness and residents of local apartment buildings. We also wrapped Christmas presents for children that live in the neighborhood.

Timeline:November 26th
Frequency:One Time

Mission Graduates Student Gift Distribution

Reality volunteers had a chance to support students from Everett Middle School, SOMA Community Hub, and John O’ Connell High School by being matched with them and providing Christmas gifts. Volunteers were given the names, ages/grade levels, and interests of students along with a holiday wish list for gift ideas. 

Timeline:December 14th
Frequency:One Time
Impact:Students were selected to receive gifts based on their need: residents of low income housing, public housing, shelters, and single occupancy hotels; those experiencing homelessness, in transition, or in foster care; and students whose parents or caregivers are unemployed due to COVID -19 and subsequent shelter-in-place orders.

Renewal Partner Christmas Food Drive

In light of the limitations to serve in person this year, we hosted a Christmas Food Drive for our Renewal Partners. We collected non-perishable food items to support a handful of organizations as they continue to serve our city this holiday season. Participating partners included Sunset Youth Services, Mobilize Love, SF City Impact, City Hope, and YWAM. 

Timeline:December 6th & 13th
Frequency:Two Sundays
Impact:2,165 total items collected for our five Renewal Partners

Join the Outreach Team

All year long, our Outreach Team cared for vulnerable communities, showed compassion to our unhoused neighbors, and helped our Renewal Partners continue their programming. We first thought this volunteer team would be a temporary response to COVID-19. But after seeing relationships with our partners grow, and the Holy Spirit activate hearts, it’s our desire as a church to continue volunteering through what we’re calling the Outreach Team. If you’d like to volunteer alongside others from Reality to seek renewal in our city, join our Outreach Team.