Summer Service Projects Recap

w/ City Hope, YWAM SF, Mobilize Love, Rise Prep, and Everett

This summer, our Response Team served alongside some incredible organizations and Renewal Partners in our city.

In addition to the work we’ve already shared about with the Everett Supply Drives and the Salvation Army Meals-in-Place Program, the Response Team helped meet the needs of people experiencing food insecurity by partnering with YWAM San Francisco, Mobilize Love, and City Hope. We also supported Everett Middle School and Rise University Preparatory as they navigated the transition to distanced learning this fall. Here are some details on the impact our volunteers made! 

City Hope

Community Breakfast

We fully staffed City Hope’s Community breakfast by preparing hot takeout meals for our neighbors in the Tenderloin. 

Timeline:June 13th – August 13th (to be extended into fall) 
Frequency:Once a Month (on Saturdays)
Impact:600+ meals served

Baking Drive

City Hope serves takeout meals two nights a week, and our church helped provide homemade baked treats for each meal.

Timeline:June 1st – July 29th
Frequency:Once a Week (on Monday)
Impact:122 Dozen (1,464 Cookies) distributed

YWAM Food Pantry

We fully staffed YWAM’s food pantry once a month by preparing bags of groceries for vulnerable communities in the Tenderloin.

Timeline:April 23rd – June 27th
Frequency:Once a Month (every 4th Thursday)
Impact:1,100 bags of groceries distributed (220-240 bags a week, between 4-6k pounds of food)

Mobilize Love Bags of Love

We helped Mobilize Love assemble and distribute bagged lunches to neighbors in the Bayview. 

Timeline:July 22nd -August 26th
Frequency:Once a Week (every Wednesday)
Impact:1,800 meals distributed

Rise Prep Renovations

We helped the Rise Prep get ready for a demo — knocking out walls to make their classrooms bigger in order to allow students to spread out and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Timeline:June 20th and July 31st
Frequency:Two serving events

Everett Middle School iPads Distribution

We joined Everett’s staff to help distribute free iPads with data plans to their students for distance learning. 

Timeline:August 17-25
Frequency:6 serving events
Impact:633 iPads distributed

Join the Outreach Team

All spring and summer, this Response Team cared for vulnerable communities, showed compassion to our unhoused neighbors, and helped our Renewal Partners continue their programming. We first thought this volunteer team would be a temporary response to COVID-19. But after seeing relationships with our partners grow, and the Holy Spirit activate hearts, it’s our desire as a church to continue volunteering through what we’ll now call the Outreach Team. If you’d like to volunteer alongside others from Reality to seek renewal in our city, join our Outreach Team.