An Imaginative Introduction to Acts
By Dave Lomas
Dave Lomas introduces our yearlong series on Acts, focusing on the foundations of the early church, and how we can learn from their example.
An Imaginative Introduction to Acts
By Dave Lomas

A People Empowered: An Imaginative Introduction to Acts (02.03.20)

Facilitator’s Note: This gathering will feature a lot of praying and waiting on the Spirit of God. Be accommodating of each others’ comfort level with praying at length. Open your heart and pray as you feel led — silence is perfectly okay. For those who pray at length, don’t forget to listen.

Remembrance & Thanksgiving

Read Psalm 118:1-15. Spend 5 minutes in silence to prepare your hearts, inviting the Holy Spirit in. 

Reflecting on Sunday’s Scripture

Read Acts 1:1-14. This Sunday, Dave preached on the foundations of the early church. From their example, we can learn to wait where we are for the Spirit of God by obeying, praying, and remaining open. For 10-20 minutes, sit with each of the following questions, reflect on them for yourself, and then ask up to 4 or 5 members to share from their own experiences waiting on God:

Some answers might feel embarrassing; this is okay! We are all fallen and imperfect. Lead with openness and grace.

Practice: Obedience, Prayer, & Openness to the Spirit

Break into smaller groups of 3’s or 4’s to pray in a circle. Encourage people to settle their hearts, and ask the Spirit of God to help you pray. Silently listen for the Spirit together for 10-20 minutes. 

If anyone has heard instruction from God, as them to write it down in their calendar or on their to-do list as a practice in obedience. Have them choose a partner to pray over the truth of it, and keep them accountable throughout the week.

Closing Intercession

Beyond sharing your usual prayer requests, take a little time to take stock of any major decisions your group or your group’s members will need to make soon. When you pray, ask the Spirit to guide you gently to His will.

Reserve 10 minutes for open prayer (popcorn prayer, with overlap) to pray as the Spirit leads. Have someone close in thanksgiving.