This Is Not a Drill: Changes at Reality SF in Light of COVID-19
By Dave Lomas
Dave Lomas shares an update on what's happening in our church due to coronavirus and how we are responding with a house church model for Sundays, March 15th and 22nd. Dave shares the vision for what we're calling "House to House" and how Community Groups will approach it in homes.
This Is Not a Drill: Changes at Reality SF in Light of COVID-19
By Dave Lomas

House to House: Sunday, March 15th (03.11.20)

Prior to the Gathering on March 15th:

Gathering Guide

Musical Worship

To begin your gathering, we encourage you to participate in some simple musical worship together. Our Music Ministry Director Tyler Madsen has written up a guide explaining how your group can practice musical worship in a community setting — with or without instruments!

Find Tyler’s guide here.

(Watch Tyler’s webinar on leading worship in community here.)

Scripture Reading & Sharing

After a few songs of musical worship, the group will read Acts 4 together and spend time in silence.

The group members will now share their insights, visions, or prophetic words from the Spirit prompted by this passage of Scripture.

Listening Prayer

If time and space allow, your group can practice listening prayer with one another. Find our guide explaining listening prayer here.


We believe that Jesus is present with us in powerful ways when we receive communion together. So at this gathering, your community should receive the Lord’s supper in some form. This can be in the context of a larger meal or just with basic elements of bread and wine/juice.

After praying and blessing the elements, the leaders of the group may pass out the bread and cup to everyone, or the group as a whole may pass the bread and cup. However your group does it, here are the prompts for when offering the bread and cup:

When offering bread: “The body of Christ, the bread of heaven.”
When offering the cup: “The blood of Christ, the cup of salvation.”

Closing Prayer

Invite someone to close your gathering in prayer. And if your group would like to, spend some time interceding for our city, nation, and world.


Before Ending your gathering, please inform everyone of two things:

  1. Our church will be doing a House to House gathering in CGs like this again next Sunday, March 22nd. In addition to praying and receiving communion together, CGs will also watch a short video message from Dave Lomas. That video will be made available that same morning.
  2. This coming week, the church will host several Prayer Room Gatherings at the Reality SF Headquarters to provide space to be in the presence of God. There will be live musical worship and a prayer team to pray with and for you. To maintain a healthy and sanitary environment will be capped at 35 people per gathering. Find details and registration here.