Being Known & Being Loved
By Nancy Ortberg
Nancy Ortberg teaches on the two longings that all of us have — to be known and to be loved — and how marriage is just one reflection of this experience in our relationships with one another, and ultimately with Christ. Nancy is the CEO of Transforming the Bay with Christ.
Being Known & Being Loved
By Nancy Ortberg

Marriage & Intimacy: Being Known & Being Loved (08.12.19)

Opening Silence
Open in prayer and then sit in 3 minutes of silence to shift focus toward this time of seeking God and practicing the way of Jesus.

Responding to Sunday’s Teaching
Here is a quick recap of themes and ideas from Sunday’s teaching from Nancy Ortberg on marriage:

Discuss these questions:

Praying with Scripture
Pray with this Scripture, which was highlighted in this week’s teaching: Jeremiah 24. Follow these simple steps of lectio divina (i.e. holy reading).

After praying alone, take a while for people in your group to share about what God was communicating to them through the Scripture.

Intercessory Prayer
In light of the themes coming up in your discussion, take a moment to intercede in prayer for one another, for those you know who need prayer, and for God’s will to be done in our city.