Single Doesn’t Mean Alone
By Dave Lomas
Dave Lomas teaches from Matthew 19:1-12 on the common view of singleness within church culture, as well as in the larger culture around us, how we’ve gotten it wrong, and Christ’s revolutionary vision for singleness.
Single Doesn’t Mean Alone
By Dave Lomas

Singleness & the Kingdom of God: Single Doesn’t Mean Alone (09.16.19)

Opening Silence & Prayer

Open in prayer and then sit in 3 minutes of silence to shift focus toward this time of seeking God and practicing the way of Jesus. 

Practice: Knowing One Another in Singleness & Marriage

Single, married, dating, divorced, celibate, parents… and the list goes on – we all have unique experiences, desires, unmet needs, and vulnerabilities around our identities and sense of belonging. As a large group, give everyone a chance to respond to the following prompts (as applicable), taking care to give the sharer your full attention as they share their heart with the group.

Singleness Prompts:

Marriage Prompts:

After going through this practice, take note of any people not in this group whom you might want to call to express your heart to them as well.

Respond to Sunday’s Teaching

Read Matthew 19:1-12 and then reflect on this Sunday’s teaching, especially these key takeaways:

Discuss as a group:

Group Intercession

Intercede in prayer for one another: for those you know who need prayer and for God’s will to be done in our city.

As a large group, use the Unity Prayer model to pray short prayers lifting up themes and words of praise and petition. Here is the form: “God, hear our _______.”

Invite someone to close out the prayer to end your time together.

Optional Prayer: The Examen

After group and throughout the week, spend 20-30 minutes prayerfully examining your own heart and feelings on the following:

After reflecting and praying, reach out to a friend to talk about what God showed you.