Son of David
By Dale Gustafson
Dale Gustafson teaches on Jesus’ lineage, shedding light on Israel’s expectation of a Messiah and the reality of Jesus as King. Dale is the Executive Director on staff at Reality SF.
Son of David
By Dale Gustafson

The King Is Born: Son of David (12.02.19)

Facilitator’s Note: You’ll find three sections in this practice material, and you can feel free to reorder or adapt the material as you see fit for your group. There is no pressure to complete all the sections of any practice material.

Prayer of Examen

Shifting your focus to today’s time of seeking God and practicing the way of Jesus, read Matthew 16:13-20 and then spend 5-10 minutes prayerfully reflecting on the Scripture and examining your own heart as inspired by the following prompts. Feel free to journal in a notebook or phone if it will help you focus.

After reflecting and praying, allow room for a few people in your group to share anything that stood out or surprised them about their time of prayer.

Respond to Sunday’s Teaching

Reflect on this Sunday’s teaching by briefly summarizing the main points of the teaching in your own words, and then discuss as a group:

Exercise: Writing Your Own Psalm

As discussed Sunday, David practiced a sincere, although imperfect, faith in God—“a man after God’s own heart.” A key to his faith was the honesty of the psalms he wrote. Take 10-15 minutes to write your own psalm to God using the structure provided. Get creative and make it as poetic as you’d like! Share with a smaller group and pray for one another.