Resources for Help with Sexual Brokenness

If you have a problem with sexual sin, we want you to know that our church loves you very much, and Jesus loves you even more. By God’s grace, we want to help you find freedom from destructive patterns of sin — whether behaviors like promiscuity and pornography use, mentalities like lust, or any other ways you experience brokenness in your sexuality. Below are some optional resources to help you find freedom from your sexual sin through Christ’s grace.

High-Trust, Confessional Friendships

Though the idea of “accountability” has a bad rap due to immature misuses in Christian past, at the core of it is a powerful truth: When we confess consistently and openly to trusted, loving people, we make greater room for God’s gracious forgiveness to disrupt any shame keeping us in sinful patterns. As 1 John 1:9 puts it, “If we confess our sins, [God] is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

If you are feeling stuck in sexual brokenness, then reach out to a trusted friend or two and ask to be in consistent, confessional contact. Here is a format for how those meetings with a trusted friend could go from our friends at Church of the City New York.

Immanuel Prayer

At Reality SF, we practice a form of prayer called Immanuel Prayer. It is a form of prayer that fosters an intimate connection with Jesus that as a result can bring healing to wounds, deliverance from spiritual darkness, the experience of forgiveness, and the unhooking of lies. Trained prayer coaches guide those they’re praying with into intimate connection with Jesus. If you are in ongoing struggles with sexual brokenness, consider meeting with our Immanuel Prayer team. Contact our Prayer Ministry Director, David McKinney, at to make an appointment.

Christian Therapy & Counseling

Some forms of sexual brokenness require professional help from a therapist, and we highly encourage seeing a therapist or counselor if you are caught in addictive patterns. Though non-Christian counselors and therapists also possess a lot of wisdom and resources for help, we especially recommend meeting with a counselor or therapist coming from a Christian worldview when it comes to issues of sexual brokenness. Here are some resources for Christian counselors in the Bay Area:

12 Step Recovery for Sexual Addiction

We have witnessed the power of 12 Step Recovery groups for helping people find sobriety from alcohol, narcotics, sexual brokenness, and more. These confidential recovery meetings can be a meaningful opportunity for walking through issues of sexual addiction alongside others in the same struggle who may or may not consider themselves Christians. Those in recovery get to pair with a sponsor who will guide them through the 12 steps (which are based on Biblical principles), as well as be invested in others’ recovery process.

For more information about 12 Step Recovery meetings in the Bay Area with Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) or Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA), visit SA Bay Area or Bay Area SAA. Or if you would like help connecting to 12 Step Recovery groups, please talk before or after Sunday church gatherings with Nkechi Neuberg, our Newcomer Engagement & Community Director, who loves serving as a liaison to local 12 Step Recovery communities.