Gabby & Mateo Alzate

Missionaries, Because Justice Matters

Gabby & Mateo Alzate originally bonded back in 2015 over their shared love of two things: Jesus and San Francisco. Who knew so many years later they would be married and in ministry together at Because Justice Matters.

Ever since they were serving in different YWAM Disciple Training Schools in different locations, God had been working in their hearts to root them both in San Francisco as long-term missionaries. They got married in April 2017.

Gabby joined staff with Because Justice Matters (an extension ministry of YWAM San Francisco) in 2012, launching programs for young girls in the Tenderloin. When Mateo came to YWAM San Francisco in 2017, he began a complementary ministry working with young boys in the families, which Gabby and BJM had been ministering to for years.

Currently, Gabby and Mateo both serve at Because Justice Matters, and have a deep commitment to raising up the next generation of leaders in the city. Through long-term rootedness, they remain expectant and hopeful, and love partnering with what God is doing in the Tenderloin.

Gabby and Mateo are both currently enrolled in Northern Seminary, pursuing degrees in Christian Community Development. Their framework of working in ministry has formed much of their theology and ministry practices for them to be effective ministers in urban communities.

We asked them a few questions about their work, and here’s how they responded:

What do you love about this work?
“I would say both of our greatest joys is being able to see kids find life in Christ and have hope for the future. We love seeing God revive dreams in the lives of kids and their families, and to see them believe again for the good plans that He has for them. We believe that new life is being breathed into the lives of the next generation of influencers and world changers, and we are excited to be part of it!”

Describe something God has shown you during your time as missionaries.
“We are learning all the time what it means to completely trust in God. He is constantly showing us deeper places where we can trust Him more and surrender new places in our hearts. Whether it’s trusting Him for the healing of people’s hearts, our finances, or anything in between, He is showing us His faithfulness and goodness.”

To connect with the Alzates or financially support their ministry, you can email them directly for more info.

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