Gretchen Robards

Connections Coordinator

Originally from Indiana, Gretchen was born and raised in a family deeply rooted in their faith and active in their local church.

In middle school, Gretchen became more curious about faith, seeking answers to her questions. Despite grappling with uncertainties, she realized that she didn’t need to have all the answers before accepting Jesus as her Savior. This pivotal decision led her to be baptized in 8th grade, solidifying her commitment and publicly affirming her faith.

Since graduating from Johnson University, Gretchen has been involved in various forms of ministry, both as a volunteer and in paid capacities. Additionally, she has and continues to work as a freelance photographer.

San Francisco holds a special place in Gretchen’s heart, as she is captivated by its inclusive nature, cultural diversity, and inherent beauty. She deeply resonates with Reality’s heart for the city and feels grateful for the opportunity to serve in a place she loves. As Connections Coordinator, Gretchen utilizes this passion to create a welcoming and hospitable environment, where individuals can find their place in the church and experience the transformative power of the Holy Spirit.

Beyond work, Gretchen enjoys channeling her creativity through art projects at home. You can also find her seeking out the best gluten-free food the city has to offer, or spending time outdoors hiking and watching a sunset on the beach.

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