Jessica Gracewski

Associate Pastor

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Jessica grew up all around the US in a military family. Being raised both in and outside of local churches, Jessica accepted Christ while on a youth group house boating trip, but it was while in college that Jessica felt her faith truly became her own.

While she originally sought the sun and warm weather at the University of Central Florida, studying interpersonal communications, she eventually made her way to the Bay Area for her Masters of Science at the University of San Francisco – this time because of her interest in organizational development. After which, Jessica worked extensively in these areas of organizational health, communications, and public relations. However, it was through the discernment and encouragement from a community of close friends that she accepted her first role in vocational ministry. 

As someone who is passionate about pursuing Christ, Jessica is committed to helping others find their place in God’s story. As the Associate Pastor, she works alongside the Executive Team, overseeing the development of our ministries focused on community and formation.

Outside of ministry, Jessica thrives on all kinds of adventures, staying active, and enjoying the outdoors — just give her the ocean, some mountains to explore, and a good book to sit down with at the end of the day!

Meet Our Team

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Joe Metz, Facilities Director

Believing that the smallest things can still make a major impact for God’s Kingdom, as our Facilities Director, Joe is responsible for ensuring the building is always operational for everyone to use and enjoy.

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Danielle Stowaway, Executive Assistant

Danielle provides administrative support and ministry assistance to our Teaching & Vision Pastor, Dave Lomas.

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Sergio Gomes, Pastoral Resident

As Pastoral Resident, Sergio currently spends his time overseeing our Community Group ministry and preparing to eventually be sent out to plant or revitalize a church.

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