Wilson Leung


Wilson is an SF native and grew up in the Richmond District. Raised in a traditional Chinese church, he was the typical “good church boy.” But when he was baptized in eighth grade, Wilson realized that just being good wasn’t enough and that he needed Jesus to save him from his sins.

After faithfully following Jesus for decades, Wilson eventually had the privilege of serving in leadership at the church he grew up attending. However, in 2011, Wilson and his wife Gloria both felt that God was leading them in a new direction. They then visited Reality SF at the Swedish American Hall, and deeply connected with the teaching and worship – and have attended ever since!

As a non-staff Elder, Wilson is passionate about teaching, discipleship, and experiencing real community through living everyday life together. He works as a chip designer, and his favorite place in SF is anywhere his sons Michael and Gabriel are playing baseball.

Meet Our Team

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Melissa Weinisch, Youth Pastor

Melissa loves walking alongside young people in their relationship with Jesus and equipping them to partner in seeking renewal in our city.

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Kevin Cooke, Marriage & Family Pastor | Elder

In addition to serving as an elder, Kevin provides oversight for our Marriage & Family Ministries, which pursue care and discipleship of married couples, parents, children, and youth.

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Jason Swanson, Operations Director

Jason leads our Operations Team, managing processes and designing systems that support our church functionally.

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