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How to Interpret The Prophets

By: Reality SF

As we continue in the Year of Biblical Literacy, we will be providing a few hermeneutic (the art of interpreting the Bible) tools to help you engage with Scripture in your personal reading and also communal settings. This piece written on The Prophets walks through five important and fundamental aspects to The Prophets, which are […]

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Reading the Bible as a Whole

By: Reality SF

As we continue in the Year of Biblical Literacy, we will be providing a few hermeneutic (the art of interpreting the Bible) tools to help you engage with Scripture in your personal reading and also in communal settings. This piece focuses on how to read the Bible as a whole and walks through various ways […]

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Journey Through John Blog Series

By: Reality SF

The disciple John was a masterful storyteller, sharing about Jesus in a way that appealed to the Jewish and Greek audiences of his time. John was able to use the cultural understandings of the day to convey the reality of who Jesus was. But what about our modern context here today? How is Jesus is being made […]

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Redeemed Heart Blog Series

By: Julie Barrios

The following blog series is meant to help guide us in posturing our hearts to invite the Holy Spirit into some of our most shadowed experiences. As followers of Christ we are all called to live a holy life as Christ is holy. Sadly, oftentimes we can focus more on our outward behavior than on […]

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Wisdom for Charity Blog Series

By: Reality SF

Wisdom isn’t selfish. The good life that she enables us to live is one of mercy, sacrifice and generosity, loving our neighbors as ourselves. It is a life of charity, defined as benevolent goodwill toward others. This 5-part blog series, appearing every other Friday beginning on April 11th, will focus on various elements of wisdom as […]

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Sabbath Blog Series

By: Reality SF

One of the best parts of being in school was the summer. As a kid you looked forward to the freedom of summer, the carefree nature of sleeping in as long as you wanted, going to the beach or lake, spending time in the sun, or just being with little to no responsibilities, knowing the […]

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Inviting Jesus Into My Everyday Reality

By: Brenna Esparza

Brenna has lived in San Francisco for 6 years and has been a part of Reality SF since 2010, attending the Alamo Squared (Alamo 2) Community Group. Currently, she lives in the Lower Haight with her husband, Jake, and works as a pediatric ICU nurse at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco. She enjoys […]

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Discovering The Truth Of Jesus

By: Eugene Kim

Eugene is an East Coast native who jumped around various parts of the country before finding his home in San Francisco in 2013. Prior to his arrival in the city, he spent three years with the organization Invisible Children and is now the Warehouse Manager for FiveStars. In his free time, Eugene enjoys fiddling around with photography, playing music, […]

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Strength And Peace In The Presence Of Jesus

By: Laura Richardson

A Bay Area native, Laura now plants her feet in San Francisco and leads a Community Group in the Inner Sunset. Laura has been a part of the RSF community since 2010 and currently manages communications for a healthcare startup. She enjoys cooking with friends, seeking out sunshine, and running in Golden Gate Park. As […]

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Seeing The City in a New Light

By: Natalie So

Natalie So is a Bay Area native who lives in the Mission, where her community group is also based. She is the editor-in-chief of Edition Local and regularly profiles artists and craftspeople in the Bay Area. Alongside, she is a freelance writer, photographer, and art curator. She hopes that this prospering city will continue to […]

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Current Event

October 2nd: $20 Parking for Everett Morning Gathering

When: Sunday, October 2 | 10:30AM

Where: Everett Middle School

This Sunday, October 2nd, parking at Everett Middle School will be $20 per car, with all proceeds directly benefiting Everett Middle School. Everett has been a longstanding parking sponsor for the Castro Street Fair, opening up its lot to the general public. It is such a privilege for us to be able to park at Everett each […]

Current Event

Race Intensive 1.0

When: October 17-29 (Involves 2 Weeknight Gatherings and 1 Saturday Gathering)

Where: Reality SF HQ (1504 Bryant St)

Event Details: In participating, you are committing to 2 weeknight gatherings and one Saturday event. Race-Specific Gatherings: Asian / Pacific-Islander: 2 Monday Nights – October 17th and 24th, 7PM-9PM Latino/a / Native: 2 Tuesday Nights – October 18th and 25th, 7PM-9PM White: 2 Wednesday Nights – October 19th and 26th, 7PM-9PM Black: 2 Thursday Nights – October 20th and 27th, […]

Current Event

Lecture on Unity in the Midst of Diversity with Christena Cleveland

When: October 10 at 7PM (Doors at 6:30PM)

Where: Dolores Park Church (455 Dolores St)

We are very excited to welcome social psychologist, author, and professor Christena Cleveland for our next Year of Biblical Literacy Lecture on Monday, October 10th! In our world, nation, and even in the church, we are experiencing jarring cultural and racial conflicts. But how did we get here, and how can we seek reconciliation? In this lecture, Christena Cleveland will provide a history of […]

Current Event

Year of Biblical Literacy

When: 2016


This year our church is going through something called the Year of Biblical Literacy to engage with the Bible. To learn more and follow along, visit our Year of Biblical Literacy website, bible.realitysf.com

Current Event

Morning Mingle for Families with Young Children

When: October 2 | 9:30AM-10:30AM

Where: Everett Middle School Family Room

Community is key in the Christian life, and it is especially important when you’re bringing up kids. As our Kids Ministry motto goes, “It takes a village.” However, being in consistent Christian community can be hectic and stressful when you have young children. It’s possible to go days and weeks without having any real, meaningful engagement with other adults! […]

Current Event

All Church Prayer

When: Monday, October 3 | Doors at 7PM; Prayer at 7:30PM

Where: Reality SF Headquarters

Our next All Church Prayer gathering will be on Monday, October 3rd, from 7:30PM – 9PM at the Reality SF offices. On a Monday night each month, we hold an All Church Prayer gathering that is open to our whole church. The purpose of these gatherings is to submit the key decisions and desires of our church body, community, and city […]

Latest Sermon

Jesus Reveals

Dave Dealy | John 9:1-38 | 48:09 | 25 September 2016

Dave Dealy speaks on Jesus’ grace and power to open our eyes physically and spiritually in John 9:1-38.

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Lecture on Power, Injustice, and the Image of God with Andy Crouch

Andy Crouch | | 1:43:07 | 19 September 2016

In our eighth lecture in the Year of Biblical Literacy Lecture Series, author Andy Crouch spoke on the theme of the image of God in the Bible and how it reframes our understanding of our own power and privilege within the unjust systems of the world. Andy is executive editor of Christianity Today and serves on the governing boards […]

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Jesus Saves

Dave Lomas | Luke 19:1-10 | 42:30 | 18 September 2016

Dave Lomas speaks on Jesus’ mission to seek and save the lost in Luke 19:1-10.

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Jesus Heals

Dave Lomas | Mark 2:1-12 | 48:11 | 11 September 2016

Dave Lomas speaks on how Jesus heals us spiritually and physically in Mark 2:1-12.

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9.04 Sermon Overlay 700

Jesus the Teacher

John Mark Comer | Mark 8:34-37 | 40:36 | 4 September 2016

John Mark Comer speaks on what it means to be a disciple, or follower, of Jesus in Mark 8:34-37.

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Lecture on “Who Is Jesus?” with Scot McKnight

Scot McKnight | | 1:24:26 | 22 August 2016

In our seventh lecture in the Year of Biblical Literacy Lecture Series, author, professor, and scholar Scot McKnight lectured on the identity of Jesus of Nazareth, what the Gospel is, and how Jesus fulfills Israel’s story. He then answered audience questions relating to Jesus and the Gospel. Dr. McKnight is the author or editor of fifty books and […]

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Alternative Response

Dave Lomas | Daniel 9 | 48:44 | 28 August 2016

Dave Lomas speaks on all that we can learn and practice from Daniel’s response to Scripture and the world around him in Daniel 9.

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