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Journey Through John Blog Series

By: Reality SF

The disciple John was a masterful storyteller, sharing about Jesus in a way that appealed to the Jewish and Greek audiences of his time. John was able to use the cultural understandings of the day to convey the reality of who Jesus was. But what about our modern context here today? How is Jesus is being made […]

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Redeemed Heart Blog Series

By: Julie Barrios

The following blog series is meant to help guide us in posturing our hearts to invite the Holy Spirit into some of our most shadowed experiences. As followers of Christ we are all called to live a holy life as Christ is holy. Sadly, oftentimes we can focus more on our outward behavior than on […]

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Wisdom for Charity Blog Series

By: Reality SF

Wisdom isn’t selfish. The good life that she enables us to live is one of mercy, sacrifice and generosity, loving our neighbors as ourselves. It is a life of charity, defined as benevolent goodwill toward others. This 5-part blog series, appearing every other Friday beginning on April 11th, will focus on various elements of wisdom as […]

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Sabbath Blog Series

By: Reality SF

One of the best parts of being in school was the summer. As a kid you looked forward to the freedom of summer, the carefree nature of sleeping in as long as you wanted, going to the beach or lake, spending time in the sun, or just being with little to no responsibilities, knowing the […]

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Holy Week Blog Series

By: Reality SF

Easter is more than just a Sunday celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. In the week leading up to Sunday, we remember the deity and humanity of Christ and reflect on His character. Each day throughout Holy Week, we will re-post a blog from last year’s Holy Week blog series to help us not only recall Christ’s life […]

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Inviting Jesus Into My Everyday Reality

By: Brenna Esparza

Brenna has lived in San Francisco for 6 years and has been a part of Reality SF since 2010, attending the Alamo Squared (Alamo 2) Community Group. Currently, she lives in the Lower Haight with her husband, Jake, and works as a pediatric ICU nurse at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco. She enjoys […]

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Discovering The Truth Of Jesus

By: Eugene Kim

Eugene is an East Coast native who jumped around various parts of the country before finding his home in San Francisco in 2013. Prior to his arrival in the city, he spent three years with the organization Invisible Children and is now the Warehouse Manager for FiveStars. In his free time, Eugene enjoys fiddling around with photography, playing music, […]

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Strength And Peace In The Presence Of Jesus

By: Laura Richardson

A Bay Area native, Laura now plants her feet in San Francisco and leads a Community Group in the Inner Sunset. Laura has been a part of the RSF community since 2010 and currently manages communications for a healthcare startup. She enjoys cooking with friends, seeking out sunshine, and running in Golden Gate Park. As […]

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Seeing The City in a New Light

By: Natalie So

Natalie So is a Bay Area native who lives in the Mission, where her community group is also based. She is the editor-in-chief of Edition Local and regularly profiles artists and craftspeople in the Bay Area. Alongside, she is a freelance writer, photographer, and art curator. She hopes that this prospering city will continue to […]

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Jesus Is Reality Beyond All Distractions

By: Jimmy Spencer

Jimmy grew up in the Bay Area and has been following Christ for four years. He has worked in professional sports for 12 years, currently doing NBA writing and radio for Fox Sports. He is also a senior product manager at a startup in San Francisco. He and his wife Heidi lead CG in Cow Hollow […]

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Current Event

Baptism On The Blacktop

When: Sunday, Oct 18 12:30 - 1:30 PM

Where: Everett Middle School

Celebrating the baptism of our brothers and sisters in Christ is one of our greatest joys as a church community. Twice a year we open up baptism to anyone in our church who desires to declare their identification with Christ as a part of this community. We hope the entire church will join us as we […]

Current Event

Welcome to Reality

When: Sunday, Oct 25

Where: Everett Auditorium and DPC Fellowship Hall

If you are new to our church, we invite you to attend our next Welcome to Reality reception. Our pastors will share about our identity, mission, and culture as a church in San Francisco and you will have the opportunity to meet other folks in our Reality family and ask questions. The 30-minute long reception will […]

Current Event

Local Ministry Training

When: Saturday, Oct 31, 9:30 AM - 2 PM

Where: RSF HQ

Our Local Ministry department exists to serve San Francisco by volunteering with some amazing local ministries that do just that. We desire to be exceptional volunteers, prepared with wisdom and postured in humility and hospitality to serve well. We believe that effective urban ministry is communal, therefore, we do local ministry in teams that mutually […]

Current Event

All Church Prayer

When: Monday, Oct 5, 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Where: RSF HQ, 1504 Bryant St, 3rd Floor

The first Monday of each month, we hold an All Church Prayer gathering that is open to our whole church. The purpose of these gatherings is to submit the key decisions and desires of our church body, community, and city to Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church. Reality SF was birthed through extensive prayer. Therefore, we are committed to making prayer […]

Current Event

Local Ministry Partner Events

When: Ongoing

Where: San Francisco

The work of our Local Ministry Partners is exciting and ever-changing. One of the great joys these partnerships is joint participation in their events and fundraisers throughout the year. See below for some great upcoming Local Ministry Partner events. Food For Thought– Wednesday, October 14 Dine out for a good cause in one of 20 restaurants around […]

Current Event

Women’s Retreat

When: Fri, Dec 4 - Sun, Dec 6

Where: Santa Cruz, CA

Ladies, please join us at our upcoming Women’s Retreat. We will spend a weekend together at Mission Springs Retreat Center in the beautiful mountains of Santa Cruz worshipping together, learning together, and embracing our belovedness, centered around the theme “Come Alive”. Inspired by Ezekiel 37:1-14, we will seek to invite the Spirit of God to […]

Latest Sermon

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter

Dave Lomas | Revelation 3:7-13 | 45:00 | 4 Oct 2015

Dave Lomas speaks on the open door of opportunity that Jesus gave the church of Philadelphia and invites us to consider what God-given callings we have as well in Revelation 3:7-13.    

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Finish What You Started

Dave Lomas | Revelation 3:1-6 | 33:00 | 27 Sept 2015

Dave Lomas speaks on how we must not forget what it means to follow Christ in our current culture and context in Revelation 3:1-6.  

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All Of Life Is Repentance

Dave Lomas and Dave Dealy | Revelation 2:18-29 | 45:00 | 20 Sept 2015

Dave Lomas and Dave Dealy speak on the compromise of the church of Thyatira and the repentance that marks a life following Christ in Revelation 2:18-29.  

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Strengthened By Truth, Softened By Love

Dave Lomas | Revelation 2:12-17 | 38:00 | 13 Sept 2015

Dave Lomas speaks on Jesus’ message to the church in Pergamum that councils the Christian to live by God’s definition of goodness instead of man’s in Revelation 2:12-17.  

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No Pressure, No Diamonds

Dave Lomas | Revelation 2:8-11 | 43:00 | 6 Sept 2015

Dave Lomas speaks on how we don’t need to fear suffering because of the eternal hope offered by Jesus to those who put their faith in Him in Revelation 2:8-11.  

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Love Is The Only Way To Endure

Dave Lomas | Revelation 2:1-7 | 53:00 | 30 Aug 2015

Dave Lomas introduces a series in the book of Revelation and speaks on the message given to the church in Ephesus from Revelation 2:1-7.   

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No Other gods

Dave Lomas | Daniel 3 | 46:00 | 23 Aug 2015

Dave Lomas speaks on how we are to remain in our identity as a follower of God when we live and serve in a city that worships many gods in Daniel 3.   

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