Changes at Our Two Morning Gatherings

Auditorium Seating & Parking Lot Flow

On January 26th, we moved to two morning gatherings at 9:15 and 11:30. Here are the major logistical changes that will come with this transition.

Bottom-Floor Seating
(with Very Limited Overflow)

To help build a more intimate, sustainable environment in our Sunday gatherings, we will now be prioritizing seating on the bottom floor of the auditorium. In the event where the bottom floor becomes completely full, we will have very limited overflow seating available.

Additionally, we anticipate that the 9:15 gathering will be more heavily attended than the 11:30.

In light of seating changes, there are three invitations for everyone in our church:

  1. Favor 11:30: If you are able to attend the 11:30 gathering, please do so! This will make more room at the 9:15.
  2. Arrive early: For whichever gathering you choose to attend, please arrive early in order to get a seat.
  3. Be hospitable: Please scoot in, leaving no spaces between seats. And once the gathering begins, please be hospitable to latecomers, making room for them to get open seats.

New Parking Lot Flow

Especially in a city like ours, we always want to return to gratitude for our parking lot at Everett — it is a huge blessing! With back-to-back morning gatherings, we are adjusting our parking lot flow to make the transition between gatherings easier. See the diagram below as well as the special notes.

To help us simplify parking, please carpool or consider other transportation methods such as walking, biking, public transit or rideshare. (If you didn’t know, we have bike parking in the courtyard, and we’ll be adding more bike racks very soon.)

(Click image to view in new window)

Important Changes in Parking:

  1. All the lanes are one way, and our parking team will help you with these new directions. Don’t go against the directed lanes.
  2. After the 9:15 gathering, you will only be able to turn right out of the lot; No turning left! (Turning left would cause too much of a jam for those coming in.)
  3. After the 9:15, there will be no pedestrian access in and out of the parking lot entrance. (It would be too dangerous with all the cars going in and out.) Please exit the school’s front doors on Church Street instead.

Sign Up to Serve on Sundays

Facilitating two Sunday gatherings is a lot of work, and we could really use your help!