Brooke & Karen Butler

Missionaries, Athletes in Action

Brooke and Karen Butler first served with Cru at Stanford University for 10 years. Then in January of 1994, they arrived in Croatia with their two children during the Yugoslav Civil War. 

The Butlers served for 17 years as the Cru National Team Leaders for Croatia and Bosnia, and during this time, God graciously blessed them with two more children and a ministry team of over 30 staff.

In 2014, they began their third and current chapter in ministry at UC Berkeley with Athletes in Action, which is a ministry division of CRU that focuses on the domain of sport. Brooke and Karen continue to minister to Croatians through partnership, working alongside the Croatian staff team through short-term projects.

Athletes in Action is committed to using the transcendent language of sport, which knows no boundaries and has the ability to unite cultures and defy convention, to communicate the most powerful message of all: God’s passionate love for his children as communicated through his Son, Jesus Christ. It’s a story that’s changed the Butlers’ lives, given them purpose and hope, and they long to tell this good news to others.

Brooke and Karen’s mission is to serve the Cal community, and more specifically the athletic department, as they help athletes and coaches to actively seek and strengthen a relationship with God. In all these activities and responsibilities, they desire that many students will respond to the message of Jesus and develop into men and women who will faithfully serve Him throughout their life-times.

You can learn more about the Butlers on their website and donate to their ministry here.

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