Practices (formerly called "CG Material") are how we get the truth of Jesus and who we are in Him into our bodies and everyday actions in our lives.

Community in Quarantine:

A Repeatable, Four-Part Practice Guide Series

In this season of self-quarantine, shelter-in-place, and social distancing, the Reality SF CG Content Team has written a four-part practice guide series to help your CG facilitate rhythms of checking in, going inward, reaching out, rejoicing, and lamenting. (Additionally, there is an appendix with helpful tips for how to meet virtually well.)

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Quick Start Guide

(In case you as a facilitator don’t have time to read through the full Community in Quarantine guide before your CG’s next meeting.)

House to House Sunday CG Guide

Here is how your Community Group can engage after the House to House Sunday gathering.

Sign Up for a Prayer Room as a CG

Additionally, we’d like to invite your CG to sign up for a time slot together in our virtual Prayer Rooms!

These 20-minute prayer times are facilitated over Zoom by an RSF elder, staff member, or prayer team member and include up to 10 participants. Pray together about anything, such as our church community, city, nation, and world in this moment.

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