Practices Archive

Community Examen

A Series of Guides for Groups Reassessing & Realigning on Community as Followers of Jesus

I Am Who I Am

A Study & Practice Guide on the Biblical Names & Characteristics of God

Community in Quarantine:

A Repeatable, Four-Part Practice Guide Series

In this season of self-quarantine, shelter-in-place, and social distancing, the Reality SF CG Content Team has written a four-part practice guide series to help your CG facilitate rhythms of checking in, going inward, reaching out, rejoicing, and lamenting. (Additionally, there is an appendix with helpful tips for how to meet virtually well.)

A People Empowered

A Vision for Renewal

The King Is Born

Community Mixtape

Singleness & the Kingdom of God

God & Sex

Marriage & Intimacy

Two-Week Series Break

The Gospel & Race

Emotionally Healthy Relationships

Everyday Mystic